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Belgian company responsible for the delivery of national and international mail. Headquartered in Brussels, the client is one of the largest civilian employers in Belgium. It provides a range of postal, courier, direct marketing, banking, insurance and electronic services in a highly competitive market

  • Exposure to serious security risks as a result of high number of robberies
  • Very expensive fit-out cost for new branches due to need for bullet proof zone
  • Unattractive design and layout
  • Expensive management of ATM fleet due to lack of automated monitoring
  • Untapped revenue generation and service enhancement potential (no credit card acquiring)
  • Roll-out of Low Cash Branch concept
  • Deployment of Diebold multi-vendor software on entire fleet of ATMs (not Diebold machines)
  • Signature of 5 years full managed services with Diebold for the entire ATM network, including hardware and software maintenance.
  • Deployment of additional 30 Diebold ATMs per year until 2018
  • Improvement in day-to day operations with 98% availability
  • Credit card acquiring up and running
  • PCI compliancy
  • Set up cost 2% lower than budget
  • Additional 15% savings on running cost vs. business case target (8% cost reduction)